Apani Dhani Eco-Lodge

In Nawalgarh - Shekhawati - Rajasthan (India)

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Why stay with us



Apani Dhani Eco-lodge: A charming and ethically engaged place

Welcome within a family: participation of all members of our Indian joint family living in situ - four generations - to ensure the smooth functioning of the eco-lodge and give you the best possible hospitality.

 • A charming place: attention to details, tradition-inspired architecture, rooms decorated with local crafts, bougainvillea-clad courtyard with a central hut encouraging contacts between guests.

 • Meeting and exchange opportunities and discovery of the local culture through, among others, local community-led activities (cooking classes, craft workshops, introduction to music, guided tours, etc).

 • Environmental implication: natural building materials (brick, adobe, thatch), alternative energies (solar hot water and electricity); organic farming, water conservation policy, waste sorting and recycling, etc.

• Commitment to responsible, fair, solidarity tourism policy encouraging local employment and purchasing, guest activities bringing in revenue for the community, investment in regional projects (5% of room rates), a comprehensive approach respecting people and customs.

Communication in English: documentation providing information on the local context, our way of functioning, the activity program, etc. English speaking guided tours and activities (upon availability).

 We welcome you, of course, for the duration of your choice.

However, our approach delivers its full meaning to those who take time to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the place and participate in activities.

For a stay giving a more meaningful travel experience while supporting an alternative and ethical approach.