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In Nawalgarh - Shekhawati - Rajasthan (India)

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Rajasthan tours

You are a small group of friends or a family (6 to 9 persons). You are interested in Indian people and their culture, and want to experience Rajasthan as part of a responsible and solidarity tour. (*)

 Ramesh Jangid, Apani Dhani owner and founder of Alternative Travels-India Agency (1986), offers guided tours between October and April, the most pleasant times to visit Rajasthan.


The strong points:

* The presence of a dedicated English-speaking tour leader. This will facilitate your contacts with local people and allow you to acquire a deeper understanding of the host country and its customs. Your guide, primarily a native, is also responsible for the ethics of the tour.

* Meetings and interactions with members of the local community at the core of the activities, which moreover provide them with fare complementary revenues.

* A rhythm that allows a different way of exploring— feeling the places, not just visiting them.

* Varied carefully selected accommodations ranging from small distinctive hotels managed by the owners to eco-lodge via family run guesthouses. A simple way of travelling that does not exclude comfort and cleanliness. 

* 5% of the tour price is donated to local projects supported by Apani Dhani Eco-lodge (sending of annual report). Ethics is at the heart of the journey, from its conception to its implementation and daily progress.

* Pre-trip planning: the French Association "Les Amis du Shekhawati", our information relay in Europe, will help you prepare your trip and get familiarized with a different cultural context.

We invite you to consult our « Advice to Travellers » to make sure we share the same travel philosophy.

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(*) For school trips, please contact us.