Apani Dhani Eco-Lodge

In Nawalgarh - Shekhawati - Rajasthan (India)

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Access to Apani Dhani: Important information

Since June 20th 2017, Nawalgarh is connected to Delhi by three direct night trains per week. From Delhi, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (Departure from Delhi Sarai Rohilla at 22:25, Arrival in Nawalgarh at 05:01) and in the other direction on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (Departure from Nawalgarh at 22:56, Arrival in Delhi at 05:40.)
The two direct day trains per week which were previously running on Wednesday and Friday, are maintained.
Details on our page "Access".



Bicycle Tours

A new activity during your stay with us!

We now offer cycling tours to discover the surrounding countryside. You will be accompanied by a local guide, Babulal, son of the house, who will explain the customs of the rural life, the fauna and the flora, will serve as link during meetings, etc.

These cycling tours (half day or full day) are accessible to all. They are not sporting but designed as an opportunity to visit a region in a different way. Open to families.

For bikers, longer tours in Rajasthan are also possible.


Permaculture at Apani Dhani Ecolodge

Claude et Etienne, two French guests staying with our family in November, convinced us to try out on a small surface of our organic garden.

They helped and demonstrated how to prepare the three first beds for permaculture. We all enjoyed !


Earthen oven

From plans we found on the Internet, we were able to build an earthen oven. Here below our first homemade wood-oven baked bread and baati, small balls of bread we eat with pulses in a traditional Rajasthani dish: Dhal Baati Churma. We also tried pizzas with vegetable from our garden, a success!



Renovation of thatch roofs

Every two or three years, we have to renew the roofs of the huts using a local variety of pampas grass.

Here the crafman at work in October.





Upkeeping at Apani Dhani

As every year, we renewed the mud plaster. On this picture, my son Gajendra  finishing the mandanas which are  traditional wall paintings of Rajasthan,  drawn to decorate and protect home.







A new facility at Apani Dhani: car rental


Gajendra, one of the sons from Apani Dhani family, has bought a brand new car, a Toyota Etios Model 2015 with an all India taxi permit. Now he proposes car rental services to locals as well as foreign travellers. He can arrange for instance pick up and drop at airports, transfer to your next destination etc.

You may send us an email for availability and quotation. You can also visit the page " Car rental" for more information.



 Travel blog :" Home Greens"

An American family who recently stayed  with us  informed us that they mentionned Apani dhani in their  a blog.

Here is the link to their post. Hope you will enjoy reading it.


Yoga hall


Apani Dhani is now offering a space for practicing yoga.

This 75 m² double-oriented hall is pleasantly situated in a garden, slightly away from the main courtyard and rooms.

Yoga mats and cushions available on request.


2 bedroom independent house



On the premises of Apani Dhani, a two bedroom independent small house with  kitchenette and bathroom is now available for rent . Up to 5 persons.

For long stays only (minimum duration 1 week).

Only veg. cooking allowed. No alcool permitted.

Option of taking meals, prepared by our family, with other guests.