Apani Dhani Eco-Lodge

In Nawalgarh - Shekhawati - Rajasthan (India)

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Aim of these activities: to offer our guests an in-depth discovery of our culture and an opportunity to meet and interact with members of the local community while providing them with fair complementary revenues.

 Sitaram, a passionate Nawalgarh-born amateur singer/musician (tabla, tanpura, harmonium), has followed his family’s musical traditions. Initiated into music by his father at an early age, he achieved a degree in vocal music from Maharaja Sawai Man Singh college of Music of Jaipur, in 1986.

He is a retired bank employee.

The activities proposed with Sitaram also bring him an opportunity to perform and have his art appreciated.

The Indian classical music is one of the oldest unbroken musical traditions in the world. Two musical systems have developed over time: the Hindustani system mainly found in North India, and the Carnatic system in South India.

 1. A one-hour concert at Apani Dhani during which Sitaram will perform classical, semi-classical, devotional or folk singing to give you an overview of this tradition.

2. Tabla lessons: the tabla, a pair of small hand drums, often played with sitar, is the main percussion instrument of North India. Playing technique involves extensive use of the fingers, palms and wrist of both hands.

3. Classical singing lessons.

The classes will take place at Sitaram’s or at Apani Dhani.

 A detailed tariff of the various activities will be sent upon request at