Apani Dhani Eco-Lodge

In Nawalgarh - Shekhawati - Rajasthan (India)

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Bangles workshop

Aim of these activities: to offer our guests an in-depth discovery of our culture and an opportunity to meet and interact with members of the local community while providing them with fair complementary revenues.

 Bangles are traditional bracelets with shimmering colours worn on both wrists by married women.

 This workshop will enable you to discover their making process, the dexterity of two artisans, Noor Mohammad and Sher bano.


In Shekhawati, bangles are traditionally made of a mixture of tree resin, sealing wax and powdered pigments. This material is then softened over low heat on charcoal until it is malleable enough to be shaped to the desired bracelet length and thickness. A thin aluminium thread can be inserted to reinforce it.

 This workshop will take place at Apani Dhani. Noor Mohammad and Sher bano will show you their technique. You too can venture on this making.

 If you wish so, you could choose the colours for bangles you would like to have made and buy them directly from the two artisans.

 Duration of this activity: about two hours.

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